About Me


Haley Hill is in her final semester at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing her BFA in Studio Art. Her focuses include installation sculpture and image-based media. She is interested in appropriating the language, tools, and aesthetics of the advertising world, specifically the commercial food photography industry. By employing these delusive techniques, she reanimates objects for the camera as well as the viewer. Haley is the Programming and Events Coordinator of UT’s student-led curatorial collective, Center Space Project. She has shown her work in various places across Texas including the Dallas Museum of Art in Dallas, Texas, OUTsider Fest in Austin, Texas in collaboration with Brooke Johnson, and the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, Texas as a member of Fleet Performance Collective. She is a recipient of the Kay Pearson Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Art, an Ox-Bow Scholarship Recipient, and a participant of the 2018 New York Arts Practicum.


email: haleyhill@utexas.edu

instagram: @haleyrhill


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